Monday, January 28, 2013

Tool tips are done

I've got a few emails again, asking me about the availability of the sculpting tools, I had anounced for sale quite a while ago.

I'm still working on that. The problem is that I can only work on them in my spare time and while having a real life job and a little daughter (not to mention my wife :-)), there isn't much of it. I never thought it would be such a lot of work.

But Now, I took a large step forward in this project: Last weekend I finally finished the work on the set of sculpting tool tips, I will offer for sale.

I have now forged, grinded and polished 22 sets of 2mm tool tips and 40 sets of 1mm tool tips. The 2mm-set exists of 6 different tool tips while the 1mm-set comes with 7 different tool tips.

While working on them, I discovered something interesting: To make a single set of sculpting tool tips isn't really a big deal. But making 40 of them is really something different. To make all the same moves and work steps again and again becomes quickly enervating and sets you in a state of trance :-).

Anyway, I've done them now :-)

All that's left now ist to finish the handles but I already have quite a few of them ready here. And of course I have to think about the price of the tools.

I will post some pictures of the sets during the next days. Until then here are some pictures of sculpting tools made of 3 mm steel that I've made lately.

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  1. Looking great. Any idea on what the cost for the sets would be? I'd really be interested in some!