Monday, September 24, 2012

Tool update

Hello again,
During the last weeks a lot of people send emails asking me about when my sculpting tools will be available for sale. Well, I'm working on it :-). What I will offer in the end will be two versions of the Schellert-tool. One with 1mm tool tips and one with 2mm tool tips. Beside that I will also offer seperate handles made of wood, brass and aluminium. I think, it's ok if you got a handle with exchangable tool tips especially when you are traveling around. But I confess that it might be a hassle if you have to change your tool tips all the time while sculpting. So I made seperate handles where you can fix the tool tips in with screws. So with the Schellert-tool and a seperate handle you'll have just two two-sided sculpting tools at the same time. In the picture below you can see some of the stuff I've already done. It's quite different to produce 20-30 tools instead of one or two and it's definitely much more work than I'd expected. If you are interested in these tools, just send me an email an I put you on my list.
sculpting-tools / work in progress