Thursday, January 31, 2013

1mm tool tips set for sale

And here is a picture of the 1mm tool tips set.

it will contain with the following tool tips:
- sculpting knife
- finger tool tip
- chisel straight
- chisel curved
.- micro knife
- needle curved
- needle straight

on the picture you can see the standard aluminum handle as well as the wooden/brass handle that will be sold separately.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2mm tool tips set for sale

Well here's a picture of the six 2mm tool tips.

On the photo you see them fixed into a handle made from walnut and brass.

These kind of handles I will sell separately. The basic 2mm set will come with the six tool tips you see and an two sided aluminum Schellert-tool-style handle for quickly changing the tool tips. The wooden handles are ment to be used if you do not want to change the tool tips all the time.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tool tips are done

I've got a few emails again, asking me about the availability of the sculpting tools, I had anounced for sale quite a while ago.

I'm still working on that. The problem is that I can only work on them in my spare time and while having a real life job and a little daughter (not to mention my wife :-)), there isn't much of it. I never thought it would be such a lot of work.

But Now, I took a large step forward in this project: Last weekend I finally finished the work on the set of sculpting tool tips, I will offer for sale.

I have now forged, grinded and polished 22 sets of 2mm tool tips and 40 sets of 1mm tool tips. The 2mm-set exists of 6 different tool tips while the 1mm-set comes with 7 different tool tips.

While working on them, I discovered something interesting: To make a single set of sculpting tool tips isn't really a big deal. But making 40 of them is really something different. To make all the same moves and work steps again and again becomes quickly enervating and sets you in a state of trance :-).

Anyway, I've done them now :-)

All that's left now ist to finish the handles but I already have quite a few of them ready here. And of course I have to think about the price of the tools.

I will post some pictures of the sets during the next days. Until then here are some pictures of sculpting tools made of 3 mm steel that I've made lately.