Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2mm tool tips set for sale

Well here's a picture of the six 2mm tool tips.

On the photo you see them fixed into a handle made from walnut and brass.

These kind of handles I will sell separately. The basic 2mm set will come with the six tool tips you see and an two sided aluminum Schellert-tool-style handle for quickly changing the tool tips. The wooden handles are ment to be used if you do not want to change the tool tips all the time.


  1. How can I buy a set? I've sent you already some emails and never got an answer.

    1. Hi Nesbet,
      I'm sorry to hear that.I stored all emails I've got and will inform everyone who send one to me when the tools are available. Those people who sent an email will be the first who get the chance to buy the tools. So please send me once again an email so I'm sure to have your email address.