Thursday, May 30, 2013

BeeSPutty - a new sculpting putty on the rise

This post might be slightly off topic because it is not about sculpting tools but about sculpting putty.

Nevertheless I'd like to bring to your attention the arrival of a brand new sculpting material called BeeSPutty that is available since yesterday.

BeeSPutty is a one-component bake-able sculpting putty. The guy who develloped this putty is Stefan Niehues, a professional sculptor who has quite a lot experience in all kind of sculpting, especially sculpting miniatures.

As BeeSPutty is a a bake-able putty, it is similar to Fimo and super sculpey in some ways, but it has some unique features. Just to mention one,  you don't need a greenstuff foundation on a wire armature if you want to sculpt miniatures with BeeSPutty. And you can sculpt 30mm miniatures as well as larger things like busts etc.

I had the chance to grab a test batch of this putty and I'm very happy with it. Usually I worked with a two-part epoxy putty, like greenstuff or procreate, but I don't like the stress you have to get your sculpting done during the curing time of the putty. So lately I tried out bake-able putties like Fimo and super sculpey firm grey. The advantage is that you can works as slow or fast as you want as the putty only hardens when you put it in your oven. That's more my sculpting style because I'm quite slow (to be honest) and while having a little daughter, there are a lot of not-planed interruptions when I do my sculpting. If this occur, greenstuff is lost as it will harden while playing with my daughter but not so bake-able clay. You can just put it aside and go on with sculpting later.

 Fimo and SS firm grey are not bad, but as far as I've tested it, BeeSPutty  is even better. It has quite a wax-like-feeling and you can get sharp edges quite easily with this putty that also blend perfectly. I just have to go on with my testing, but it is very promising.

So if you want to know more about this putty, head over to where you will find more informations and also some videos about sculpting with BeeSPutty. There you can also order the putty.