Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HANDLES - simple handle version 2


Some people prefer tool handles with smaller diameters, especially for very fine tool tips. For those here is a way to make such a handle with brass tubes:

It’s quite the same as the handle I’ve explained before, but instead of using an 8mm wooden pole, you’ll take a brass tube with a smaller diameter. So basically it’s just a brass tube with two smaller brass tubes inside at the ends to reduce the diameter of the tube to that of the sculpting tips diameter.

I guess, for a slim handle a diameter of 4mm would be a good choice (if you want 6mm aluminium might be a better choice than brass because of the weight). You can find brass tubes with different material strength. As I mentioned before, I don’t like if the tools are too heavy, so I recommend using brass tubes with a material strength of 0.5 mm and not the one with 1mm diameter for the handles. The material strength of the smaller “insert” tubes depends on the diameter of the tool tips, you want to place in. Here’s a chart of a useful combination of the tubes diameters:

* Because of the weight use an aluminium tube instead of brass for the outer handle tube

To build such a handle, take a 4mm brass tube with a length of about 10cm.
Then cut two short pieces of the 3mm brass tubes for the “insert”-tube. In most cases a length of 1cm -1.5cm will do (remember: don’t make it too long because of the weight).
After that, just glue the two insert-tubes with the non-bevelled side into each end of the handle-tube (pic. 6a ).

You can also make a handle with 6 mm diameter with a combination of aluminium and brass tubes that have to be glued together like you can see on pic. 6b).

Finally glue in a tooltip in the hole of each insert-tube.

If the surface of the tool tip is too even and you’re afraid, that the glue might not hold it in place, you can roughen the part that has to be glued carefully with a file of the cutting wheel in the rotary tool. Be careful not to damage the tool tip.

That’s it.

Next time: the one and only SCHELLERT standard handle

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