Monday, August 31, 2009


Contact lenses box as storage fort two part epoxy putty

Hi again,
Today I just want to share a little idea with you, that I came across even it's not a "sculpting tool" in the literal sense.

Sometimes I have to take some sculpting tools and stuff with me, when I’m on holidays or somewhere else away from home and want to do a little sculpting there.

For this occasions I often thought about how to take this two component sculpting putty with me, because I didn’t want to carry the complete box of greenstuff or procreate with me.

So I had a look for some kind of small boxes to store the putty in while travelling.

Because my wife wears contact lenses, I’ve got the idea to use these contact lens boxes for this purpose and it work quite well.

The advantage is that you have just a single storage, with two separated little boxes and with separated covers. The covers has different colours (or are marked in another way) so you store the two putty components perfectly and you can always see, which component is in which box.

And this box is quite small and easy to store in a bag without taking a lot of space. The amount of putty that can be stored is more than you would need for a 30mm miniature.

Even at home it might useful for storing brown stuff because except to those who do the whole miniature with brown stuff usually you only need small amounts of brown stuff while sculpting

Well that’s not a big idea, but I found this very useful, especially when I didn’t want to carry a lot of sculpting stuff with me.

So just take a 1 mm and a 2 mm Schellert tool and this box with some putty in and you’ve got all you need for sculpting.

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