Saturday, February 27, 2010


After the last tutorial about stamp tools and press moulds, I've updated my downloadable ebook.

The ebook now contains all tutorials from my blog again.

As before, you can download the ebook for free for personal use. Any use in a commercial sense is not allowed without my permission.

I've made different versions of the ebook:

Version one ("_ebook") has a lower resolution and is made to be watched on the screen like an ebook.

Version two ("_print") has a higher resolution for printing it out.

Version three ("_ecoprint") is new. It's also in higher resolution for print, but this time the book is written on plain white paper instead of the coloured and structured background of the original. I made this for those who didn't want to waste too much printer ink when printing it out, because now only the pictures and the words have to be printed and not the background.

The "_ebook" and "_print" version looks like this:

The "_ecoprint" version looks like this:

Here are the downloadlinks for the ebook:




I hope, you will like this.
Any comments remarks or critiques are highly welcome

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