Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi again,

Today I will not present any new tutorial about making sculpting tools.

But I have another goody for you.

When I have a look on my blog I discovered, that it is a bit hard to read, if you didn’t start right at the beginning with the first posts.

In newer posts I refer to what I’ve wrote in older posts sometimes and If you haven’t read this older post it might be hard to understand.

That’s why I come to the decision to merge all the posts and tutorials so far in one file and to offer the whole thing to you as a pdf-file.

So that’s the news for today:

You can download all the tutorials in this blog so far as an eBook.

This eBook has 128 pages and it is called:

“MAKE YOUR OWN SCULPTING TOOLS – a guide about how to build sculpting tools for sculpting in small scales”

The download is completely free for using it privately. Of course any reprint or any use in a commercial sense of the eBook itself or its content is only allowed with my explicit permission.

I’ve made two versions of the eBook with different resolution, one for reading it as an eBook on your screen and the other with a higher resolution for printing it out.

Here are the download links (right click, save target...):


MAKE YOUR OWN SCULPTING TOOLS – print version (pdf: 15.2 MB)

I hope you like this


  1. Really great work! Thx for sharing all this.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaamazing, Incredible!!!!!
    Congratulations on your great work: Very good pictures, very good drawings, and very good theory. A super-teaching work.
    And magnificent collection in this book.
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
    Of course your blog is already in my blogroll.

  3. Super awesome to the max!
    Thank you for sharing this tome of knoledge.
    I'll add your blog to my roll.

  4. That is an amazing book / tutorial on making tools. Thank you very much!!!

  5. Excellent information and very good tips! Thanks a lot for putting this online. By the way, I purchased a set of xacto like knives from Lidl here in Belgium, with lots of small tools (all identical), and lots of handles, for only 5€ for the kit. I am definitely gonna use some of the knowledge you offer here to modify these tools into usable sculpting ans stamping tools.

  6. Hi Rudi,
    thanks a lot :-)
    I also saw some knife-sets like the one that you've described but the handles had clamps made of plastic instead of aluminium. It's strange how wide the price range for those knifes is. After googleing around I found a dealer who sells them for about 2,90 EUROS.
    If you made some tools from your knife-set, just send me some photos and I place them on my blog.

  7. your blog is a nice resource, thanks...

  8. thanks for sharing this valuable resources. you can also download lots of ebook from here

  9. Thank you so much for this! I made a couple of these tools over the weekend and I love at least one of them...a LOT.

    Plus there certainly is some kind of Jedi-satisfaction to making your tools yourself.


  10. Hi Andy,
    Thanks a lot. Great to see that there is still some interest in my tutorials.